101 More Conversation Starters for Couples – Book Review

When Moody Publishers gave me a list of books to review, I chose 101 More Conversation Starters for Couples by Gary D. Chapman and Ramon L. Presson, mainly because I am a big fan of Chapman’s Love Language book series, and I had previously read and reviewed 101 Conversation Starters for Couples. The OCD bookworm in me just couldn’t resist reading the second book in the Conversation Starters series!
Also, one of my husband’s primary love languages is Quality Time, and I figured, what better way to spend some time together than to peruse a list of questions and possibly learn something new about one another!

About the Book

Book description from Amazon.com:
Your spouse is a unique person, filled with amazing insights, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Communication is key to really knowing and fully loving that person.
Bestselling author and marriage counselor Gary Chapman has developed this handy tabletop resource to get you and your spouse talking. With 101 probing questions, couples will find their relationship enhanced, their intimacy deepened, and their romance ignited. 101 More Conversation Starters for Couples is the perfect companion to the bestselling book, The 5 Love Languages. It also makes an excellent Valentines Day, wedding, and anniversary gift. It helps you and your spouse get the conversation flowing.

My Thoughts on the Book

The questions had a little bit more depth to them than your typical “List of Questions for Couples”, but to my disappointment, they were not much too different from the questions in the first book. In fact, most of the questions were identical, just worded slightly different. Even so, my husband and I read through these questions when we were renovating our entryway, it was a great way to keep the conversation flowing and interesting while we worked and painted and bent over our projects.
Some sample questions include: What famous person (living) would you like to meet? What is something humorous you recall about your first weeks or months of dating? If you could free someone of a burden, who would that be?
While the questions are fun and creative, I found that they were all topics Jonathan and I exhausted early on into our dating relationship. I honestly can’t say that we learned anything new or exciting about the other, but it was fun to casually rehash old topics while keeping busy.
I’d say this book would be a great communication booster for couples who are just getting started in their relationship, or perhaps a good prompt for marriages that are experiencing a lull in communication. The questions are all grounded in Scripture, and cover a good variety of light-hearted chit chat to heavier self-reflection.
I’d recommend this book to newer couples and newlyweds, but if you’re an established couple (my husband and I have been together for six years now), then I would just skip it, unless expanding communication is your goal.
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