A Field Guide for Everyday Mission: 30 Days and 101 Ways to Demonstrate the Gospel

I decided to review this book through Moody Publishers because one area I struggle with in my faith is in the area of every day missions. I fully believe that your every day life, your every word uttered on every platform you pursue is your “mission field”.
While I have no problem sharing my faith (as anyone who knows me can attest!) I don’t live a very INTENTIONAL life when it comes to reaching my every day mission field. As a gal with VERY diverse interests, I find that a large bulk, if not the majority of my friends, have drastically differing beliefs from mine. While I’m not out on some dastardly undertaking to convert my friend, I DO wonder and worry if I am doing everything that I can to be the best model of Christ to them.
So I figured this book would be an enlightening and edifying read!

About the Book

Book description from Amazon.com:
Surprise – whoever you are, you’re a missionary! 
If you call yourself a follower of Jesus, God calls you his missionary. You may never go halfway around the world. You may not raise financial support. But because of God’s gospel work in you, you are on mission: to people in your work, school, neighborhood, and those in need. As everyday missionaries, God has sent us to live out his Great Commission in the ordinary, normal, all-too-busy, and even most mundane moments of our lives.
  • But what exactly does an everyday missionary do? 
  • Where and when does this everyday mission happen? 
  • Most importantly, how can you possibly share the gospel, without killing your relationships?!
Those are the types of questions A Field Guide for Everyday Mission answers for individuals, churches, small groups, Sunday schools, and missional communities. Many resources exist on missional theory, missional leadership, and even missional stories. But based on their years of helping people tangibly demonstrate the gospel, pastors and practitioners Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts Jr. have created an immediately implementable resource to help ordinary followers of Jesus put the idea of mission into everyday practice.
Each day’s reading includes a biblical principle that can immediately be put into practice. Each reading ends with a few ways to help you live out the principle in your daily life. By the end of day 30, you’ll have 101 different ways to demonstrate the gospel in your daily life. And along the way, other practitioners such as Jeff Vanderstelt, Rick McKinley, and Lance Ford share stories about living on God’s everyday mission in their unique context. A Field Guide for Everyday Mission is a tool designed for you, whether you’re newly considering the missional idea, whether you’ve never heard the word before, or whether you’ve spent years trying to figure out how to put that idea into practice.

My Thoughts on the Book

I have NEVER let a difference in politics, or religion, or even personal tastes and interests interfere with my friendships. All of my good friends know that I am unwavering in my faith but will gladly and enthusiastically share it when asked to do so.
But am I a good everyday missionary? When I picked up this book, I didn’t really know how to answer that. The first few pages into the book I was like, “Yes!! A+++! I rock at this missionary stuff!” The first section of the book, the authors mainly deal with how we approach unbelieving friends in our environment.
Then it moves on to intentional and very illustrative ways that we can model our faith and and reveal Christ living in us to the people we are blessed to have in our world. I felt challenged, motivated and uplifted while reading through each devotion. There was no condemnation, no “look how much time and opportunities you’ve wasted”.. just encouragement and great Biblically sound advice!
The only criticism I have with the book? The authors talk interchangeably, and while they go to great pains to say, “Me (Bob)” and the like, it gets a tad cumbersome at times. But that is a minor annoyance in an otherwise fantastic book.
I would say this is a great daily devotional. While I read through the book completely so I could review it in good faith, I found it such a good read that my husband and I are in the process of reading through it in the evenings, and it’s been edifying and enlightening so far!
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I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in everyday missions!