Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy Journal


Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for daily challenges, journals and fill in the blank booklets. You can catch me every morning, curled up with a cup of coffee in my armchair, doing my daily routine of Bible study and daily journaling.

So when I had the opportunity to receive the Instant Happy Journal: 365 Days of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy Journal by Karen Salmansohn from Blogging for Books in exchange for writing this review, I jumped on it!

About the Book

Book description via
Brighten your day with this colorful journal from happiness expert Karen Salmansohn. Jam-packed with 365 “happiness prompters” including motivational quotes, scientific studies, and thought-provoking questions, this journal amps up your ability to notice (and create!) moments of joy and gratitude in your life—one day at a time.

My Thoughts on the Book

Now, this review is a long time coming, so forgive me! I actually started this book, classic OCD style, on January 1st, to ring in the New Year with some happy! I maintained my religious level of happy journaling for a good four months before I petered out. (Though not because of the books contents, more because my hectic mornings demanded I drop something in my daily ritual, and this was one of the first to go.)
But my thoughts on this book are quite positive! It is an effective means of recentering, and refocusing on what really matters in life. So often we tend to focus on the not-so-positive things, and this book is an easy to use, super quick prompter of happy and positivity.
Basically, this journal has daily one line happiness prompters to encourage you to reflect on those things in your day or life that bring joy, love, and happiness. These daily prompts help you focus on the positive, and that can change your whole outlook on life and benefit you in many ways.
So, when using this journal, did I find that my focus shifted to the happy aspects of life? In some ways, yes! I did find myself thinking back on my thoughtful entries from the morning to give myself strength when things got dull, or upsetting, or unpleasant. But I think it really depends on how much thought you put into it (like many things in life). If you really reflect on these daily happiness prompts, I do believe you will have more joy in our life and will in turn want to share that joy with others.
It’s not hard to take 5 minutes each day to think of and write about the daily prompts. So if daily journaling is your cup of tea, I say give this book a try!

I would recommend this journal to people who are searching for more happiness in their daily life, or people who need to change their outlook from negative to positive. I think that these daily happiness prompters could benefit just about everyone!