101 Dalmations Cosplay in Hanford, California

More cosplays from the summer of 2011! During this time I was trying to brainstorm up costume ideas that wouldn’t cost too much, (need to feed my obsession on a tight budget, lol!) and I thought, 101 Dalmations!!! If.. only… we had… dalmations. Doh!

Not to be deterred, I looked up dalmation breeders in the area, and found one just a town over from us – Smiling Dalmations in Lemoore, California. I contacted her asking about using her puppies for a photoshoot, and she was kind enough to oblige. And lo and behold, 101 Dalmations cosplay photoshoot!

The costumes are a mixture of pre-owned clothing / costume pieces and some that we borrowed from a local community theater. While we had permission to borrow the costumes, I later learned that some of the people from the theater got butt-hurt that we borrowed them. Over the years my family has donated COUNTLESS articles of clothing and costume pieces to that podunk little theater, so the “don’t touch our stuff and credit us and then return it in better condition than it was in before” mentality just rubbed me the wrong way. Some people.

Anyway! Jonathan was Roger, I was Anita and a gal from the bitchy theater group was Cruella de Ville. Jonathan made the red and blue dog collars, and we took the pictures at Hidden Valley Park in Hanford, California. We had a LOT of fun with this shoot! I mean, come on.. puppies!!

Gingi Freeman

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