Absolute Boyfriend Cosplay in Visalia, California

When I first saw my husband Jonathan, I was at a wedding in Southern California and he walked into the room. Things slowed down, I felt the first throbs of genuine love at first sight, and the only coherent thought that I could formulate was, “Holy crap, he looks like Night Tenjo from Absolute Boyfriend!” After stalking him, seducing him, and getting him to be mine forever, he has continued to blow my mind being the perfect boyfriend.. serious, I keep fearing that he may secretly be a special ordered robotic sex doll. (I’ll refrain from cracking any crude comments… it’s hard. But I’ll try. *snicker snicker* I said its hard.)


I really wanted to do this cosplay, but never considered trying to pull it off because it’s just so… simple. And not really iconic. That is, until our friend Sean said he would do Gaku (the short sleeved version, from the cover of chapter… 27, I think?) Anyway, he got his Gaku together, I got my Riiko Izawa outfit from Goodwill finds and Jonathan pulled his out of his closet and VOILA!

This was another shoot from the summer of 2011. The photos were taken at my old college campus, COS in Visalia. And I still am not letting Jonathan live it down that not only did he do a perfect Night Tenjo, but he pulled out the outfit 100% from his closet, haha.

Gingi Freeman

Gingi is a photographer, cosplayer, amateur chef, crazy cat lady, anime otaku, bookworm, generic geek, world traveler, conservative Christian, homeschooler, devoted military wife and stay at home new mother of two little girls. Gingi blogs about anything and everything that is relevant to being a supermom, stay at home wife, homeschooler and geek girl! You can contact her at gingifreeman@gmail.com or via the contact form on her website at www.domesticgeekgirl.com

6 thoughts on “Absolute Boyfriend Cosplay in Visalia, California

  • 22 June, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    This is very sweet. Love the pictures! Time slowed down for me the instant I set eyes on my husband as well. It was the best moment ever. Although, I don’t think that he looks like an anime/manga character. That I know of…

    • 23 June, 2013 at 4:47 pm

      Yeah, I acted like an obsessed freak when I first saw my husband… I stalked him on Facebook and everything. Haha. I tell people that we’re a stalking story gone right. 😛

        • 24 October, 2014 at 1:41 am

          lol, right!?

  • 23 June, 2013 at 1:56 am

    Brings back memories when I first read the manga 🙂 LOL Thanks kisses from roro

    • 23 June, 2013 at 4:48 pm

      Thanks! I wasn’t sure if this cosplay would “work” since it’s so not.. costumey. Haha! But I’m glad it’s recognizable!!

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