Ani-Me Con at Fresno Manchester Mall



I spent the majority of yesterday snapping photos at the Ani-Me Con at Fresno’s Manchester Mall yesterday while helping at the Ani-Jam booth. And by “helping” I mean wandering by every few minutes complaining about my back aching and sitting on the floor by the table. Being pregnant and puffy and unable to squeeze into my cosplays, I wore my Think Geek “Now Loading… Please Wait” maternity shirt that my mum got me so I could self-identify as a fellow geekling. But there’s always a frustrating “naked” feeling with being at a con and not in cosplay.

So! I got my cosplay jollies out by taking pictures of friends and con-goers in costume. Since I don’t charge for my photos and I don’t really care to be one of the “cosplay photographers” that lurks around a pretty or neutral background, I tend to be rather timid about approaching cosplayers to pose for me when the photo bug bites. So I mostly just grabbed my friends Will, Dani, (Neeka Cosplay) and Kelly and made them pose for me so I could enjoy an evening of photoshopping cosplay photos while watching High School Musical.







I can’t wait for Ani-Jam this August 17 + 18th. With so many things being up in the air with Jonathan in the Navy- (we don’t even know where we’ll be after this August!) – Ani-Jam will be my last convention of the year. I’ve really enjoyed being adopted into the AJ family. Ever since they took me on as Cosplay Coordinator last year, I’ve made some amazing friends and adopted family, and I can’t imagine my convention year being complete without the delightful madness of Ani-Jam, my AJ Overlords and the rest of the gang. If you haven’t pre-registered for this convention (and the Cosplay Masquerade being organized by yours truly) DO SO NOW!