Curious George Cosplay

Okay, so these were really our Curious George Halloween costumes, but I HAD to add them to all of the online cosplay archives (, American Cosplay Paradise, etc.) so I decided to take some quick pictures of our costumes before we pack them away (and before Tessa outgrows he monkey outfit!)..
Now, I am quickly learning that taking pictures of cosplays with a toddler are, well, freaking impossible. No joke. Tessa was ALL OVER THE PLACE, busy being a monkey, then a puppy, then a cat, then a maniac toddler, then a monkey again. We just cannot keep up! My sister took what photos she could before we all threw in the towel and said enough! haha!
So my husband is the Man in the Yellow Hat, I am Professor Wiseman and Tessa and Thyme were little monkeys (Thyme DID have a Gnocci costume, but we couldnt find it after Stan Lees Comikaze, ack!) Anyway! Cute, no?!