T-Mart 10 Piece Brush Set Review and Star Trek Make-Up Tutorial

While I was busy suffering from a temporary loss of sanity during my great cross country move, and house hunt and yadda yadda yadda, I asked the lovely ladies from Glue Guns and Phasers to do me a solid and review this 10 Piece Brush Review.
Connor (the spunky orange-head) is a fellow geek, cosplay nerd and all around crafty chic lady and I knew her review would be honest, entertaining and well written. But then she went and blew this review out of the water with an awesomely informative YouTube Star Trek make-up tutorial.
So check it out!



10 Piece Brush Set Review

We were honored to be asked by Gingi over at Domestic Geek Girl to do a review while she was moving.
Mary and I tried T-mart’s 10 Piece Brush Set and we were super pleased! For its price it is a great brush set with plenty of options to complete a variety of looks.
We wouldn’t recommend using this brush set for anything involving latex appliances, like my Katniss scars or Mary’s 7 of Nine borg pieces, but it works great for our base makeup! The set is great for beauty makeup! In fact, you can achieve great “period piece” looks with this set.
The brushes come in a nifty carrying case, which for us convention goers is pretty perfect!
The bristles are synthetic, so you don’t have to worry about animal abuse, they feel soft to the touch and are pretty light.
One of my favorite features was that there were four different eye shadow brushes!! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, so the fact that I could complete a whole eye look without cleaning a brush was fantastic!
There is no foundation brush… or concealer brush… which was a bit of a let down for such a extensive set… however there is an eyebrow, eyelash, and lip brush… which few sets come with these days… so it balances out!
Our only complaint was that the glue holding the metal to the handle wasn’t very strong, we lost the blush brush pretty quickly! But this is minor and nothing glue won’t fix! Honestly I’ve had expensive brushes do this to me!
The important part is that no bristles fell out!!
Over all I found it to be a great, low-price, makeup brush set! Personally, I would not use this everyday – but I would definitely re-buy this and take it with me to my next convention for cosplay makeup! It’s light, travels well, and it’s so cost effective I don’t feel bad leaving it behind to make room in my suitcase for that extra convention exclusive!
Being cosplayers, Mary and I couldn’t resist using the brushes to create two cosplay Star Trek makeup looks. Remember how we said this set would be great for period pieces? For that very reason, we chose to do 1940s and 1960s makeup. The best part? The brush set was big enough we never had to repeat a brush. We’re lazy and so that was a huge bonus.
Check out our Trekked-out makeup demo below where we put these brushes to work!


Mary is doing Star Trek Voyager’s Janeway holodeck alter ego Arachnia, which is based on a 1930s black and white scifi serial called “Captain Proton.” The makeup is much heavier and features a smokey eye. Connor is teaching us how to do a 1960s-inspired cat eye look. All the women on The Original Series rocked the thick black eyeliner, including Uhura. Here’s how you can too!

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