The Princess Bride Cosplay in Sequoia National Park

This is one of our dream cosplays. I’ve always loved this movie, and have never lost my crush on Wesley.. and just my luck, I married an equally Princess Bride-crazy, walking Farm Boy! We are are so in love with this movie that we used a lot of elements from the movie on our wedding day – “As You Wish”, walking down the aisle to “Storybook Story”, etc. We were still just dating at this point when we decided to do these costumes for San Diego Comic Con 2010.

This was the first costume that Jonathan and I tried our hands in making. My mom made about 95% of the costumes, but I shadowed her to learn the sewing ropes and tried my hand at the cartridge pleating on the wrists of the Buttercup dress.

So obviously, Jonathan was Dread Pirate Roberts, I was Princess Buttercup and our friend Eric was Inigo Montoya. We took the shots near Hospital Rock in the Sequoia National Park in California. 31 costumes later, and this is still one of my favorite cosplays. This was also our first taste of people stopping us every two steps at the convention for our photo. We actually missed panels because we kept getting stopped. (We’ve since learned to be much more ruthless with politely saying no when we’re in a hurry or just wearing overdone cosplays on panels-we-want-to-watch days.)

Gingi Freeman

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