Wondercon 2015 in Anaheim, California

When we first rolled in to California exactly one year ago, we had barely unpacked our suitcases before we hit up Wondercon 2014 in Anaheim! It’s absolutely crazy to think that it’s been an entire year that we’ve been living in California.. where has the time gone?!
This was Tessa’s second Wondercon and Thyme’s very first Comic Convention EVAR!!!
We didn’t go to the convention in cosplay this time around because 1) I’m still baby-bearing chubby and none of my costumes fit and 2) I just don’t FEEL like cosplaying when I hate the way I look in pictures with the baby-fluff.
So while Jonathan and Thyme and I were dressed in “mundanes” (to use some faire jargon), Tessa joined my sister for a chibi version of her cosplay.
Here’s the whole family at our very first Comic Convention as a FOURSOME! ^_^


Here’s my sister and my daughter Tessa as Helena and chibi Helena from the TV show Orphan Black!
Usually when I recap a Comic Convention or Anime Convention weekend, I usually have a lot more to say and a lot more photos to share. But this weekend was cut rather short – we ended up heading home early and missing Sunday.
Basically, I had a splitting headache the entire day Saturday. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was coming down with whatever bug was eating at Jonathan a few days ago. (By Sunday night I had a stinging sore throat that made talking and eating extremely unpleasant, continuous headache, body aches, fatigue, etc.)
Plus all the walking was making my not-quite-healed perineal tear feel like someone kicked me in the vajay.
I was getting exhausted from all the walking and discouraged whenever a fussy Tessa wouldn’t allow for us to comfortably walk the vendor halls or sit in on panels. Every time one or both of us had to bail out on a plan or leave a room because one or both of the girls were crying (or in Tessa’s case, acting crazy) I was getting increasingly disheartened.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind chasing a cosplaying Tessa around a convention all day – just not while I have a splitting headache, painful lady parts and body aches. The only thing I found myself genuinely interested in doing was taking pictures.
Aaaaaaand then at the end of Saturday as we were leaving the Orphan Black panel, my handsome hubby accidently dropped my Nikon d3 camera body. And it broke. Basically, the viewfinder is blurry, and it’s not the diopter adjustment tab. I’m sending the camera in to Nikon to repair, but in the meantime I, uh… don’t have a camera. Like, at all. (My back up camera body broke on Valentines Day just two months ago… when it rains it pours yeah?)
The broken camera, the getting sick and the stress of the weekend made me long to come home and spend Easter Sunday at church with my family, instead of spending another exhausting, stressful, camera-less day at the con. So home we came!
Despite the early ending, and the financially crushing mishaps, we did have a lot of fun on Saturday. I cannot wait to cosplay again, and hopefully next year will be a bit less chaotic and a lot more fun. So! Enjoy what few pictures I managed to take on Saturday before the camera broke! Haha.. *sob sob*

Random question.. I’m thinking about some new cosplay ideas. What movie, TV show, anime or game do you think we should do next?!