X-Men Cosplay in Fresno, California

We made these costume for the midnight release of X-Men: Origins in 2011. I had cosplayed as the live action Rogue years before with my friend Will, who cosplayed as Logan, so this was an old costume for me.

It took some pursuading, since Jonathan doesn’t like the character, but I forced Jonathan to be Scott Summers and we pulled this costume out of pre-existing clothing in his closet, and we made the visor out of an empty DVD case following a tutorial we found online. (Once it was all said and done, I think he make one dashing Scott Summers!)

At the last minute (literally the night before the shoot) we recruited our friend Deanna to do Dr. Jean Grey and voila! X-Men Photoshoot of Awesome! The photoshoot location is outside of the Fresno County offices in downtown Fresno, California.

Gingi Freeman

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