Easy Pinterest Project: Chalkboard Doors in the Playroom

It’s been about three months now since Jonathan and I renovated Tessa’s playroom. It went from a drab, half-finished country looking back room to a pretty princess pink playroom in the one month that we tinkered away at it. (Click here to see the full post!)
While I blogged pretty extensively on the major upgrades and special touches we did, I kind of glossed over the cute, simple and easy Pinterest projects. Which, let’s face it, are generally the more interesting aspects. 😉
I wanted to blog specifically about one easy Pinterest project that cost less than $15 and took less than an hour (drying time excluded). Yep, we fell prey to the Pinterest sensation of painting closet doors with chalk paint!


The quart of paint (enough for two standard size closet doors, and then some) cost roughly $12, and we already had a garage chock full of painting supplies. So this project was ridiculously, and laughably simple.
We unhinged the doors, took off the hardware, and painted the outer sides with two even coats of this thick, novelty paint. After they had ample time to dry, we reattached the hardware and rehung the doors.
Seriously. IT’S THAT EASY!


Tessa is still a wee bit on the young side, and the doors don’t capture her attention for any great length of time. And the chalk ends up in her mouth and in the cats water bowl more than it ends up doodling on the doors. But whenever she has friends come to visit (especially our friend’s older kids, aged 3-8) the door gets COVERED in all kinds of chalk art from the little ones!
I had been warned before, during and after this project that Tessa will take to writing on the walls and that these doors are ultimately a bad idea. Weeeeell, it’s been roughly three months since the doors were doodle-friendly, and I can say we have only had ONE writing on the wall fiasco – and it was with chalk in the living room! Not exactly the end of the world.
Now, if she ends up taking a marker to the walls, or an ink pen, I may be a little less enthusiastic about these doors.. but for the time being, they look cute, they add personality to the room, they take a previously dead space and make it an outlet for creativity, and they provide temporary artwork to enjoy whenever the muse hits the kids.



I’m so thrilled with the quality of the chalk paint (it really does function and wash off as any run of the mill chalk board would!) that I would not rule out devoting a whole wall to chalk art, if we had an accent wall that would look good in that capacity.
I’m also finding myself eyeing all of the other nooks and crannies in the house that I could chalk up, since we have so much of the paint left over, haha! Off to peruse Pinterest again for some inspiration!! (That site is dangerous I tells ya!)

Have you worked with chalkboard paint before? Do you think chalkboard doors for kids is a good idea, or bound to eventually backfire in impromptu wall art? Share below!