Ugly Interior Doors – Paint or Replace?

Okay people. I actually need advice here. So give me your honest opinions. (I mean it!! Brutally honest people!)
Every single interior door in our home is the same – a thin, cheap, hollow pressed wood door, covered in scratches and dings and topped off with a cheesy gold doorknob that was probably totally chic in the 60s. Maybe.
There is nothing really WRONG with the doors in our home aside from being worn and tired looking. Mostly they just aren’t what we would pick if we had unlimited funds. They’re right on the border of “we should replace these” and “we can live with these”. Here’s a little snapshot of one of our blah looking doors in the hallway:


I knew that painting the doors was an option, but I thought, “Nah, these will look lame, even slathered in a fresh coat of paint.”
Buuuuut, when we were remodeling my daughter Tessa’s playroom a couple of months back, we decided to use her door as a kind of test run, to see how the doors would look painted.
Since we were half assing it (we figured we’d end up replacing the door if it was a complete disaster) we didn’t really do it “right”.. no sanding, no priming, etc. In fact, I was so impatient to get the project done that I rehung the door before it was completely dried. BAD IDEA! Look what happened first time I closed the door:


So yeah.. when a paint bucket lists a drying time… ummm, maybe listen to it. Haha.
Anyway, all of this is to say, I don’t really think the door looks all that bad painted! Even with the cheesy gold doorknob, the door looks brand new to me. With new knobs and new door hardware (hinges and strike plate) I think it would look fantastic actually! Here’s the finished door:


So now I’m thinking that painting the doors in our home (and doing it right this time) and upgrading the hardware instead of replacing the entire door would be a wise and economical upgrade!
My only concern is, will painted doors hold up over time? Will dings in the paint show up more than dings in the wood? So far this one painted door has held up well over the last few months.. I’m tentatively thinking of painting all the others!

What do you think? Paint or replace? Share your thoughts below!