Take Time To Enjoy the Little Things

When my mother-in-law was in town a few week ago to meet little Thyme, she bought Tessa her very first kiddie pool.
Tessa is our little water bug. I have to keep all the bathroom doors closed, and keep stools and chairs out of the kitchen, or Tessa will climb onto the counters and sit in the sink, splashing around and singing to herself while the faucet runs full blast. So this gift was perfect for her!
Watching Tessa play in her kiddie pool, I realized something. My husband and I are turning 30 this summer (I seriously gave myself a mini-heart attack just typing that out.. when did I grow up?!) but we still feel like teenagers. I always figured I’d be a good mom because I still retain my sense of childlike joy and wonder.
I still like to play dress up (as evidenced by my cosplay hobby) and I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure. I have this “relate to kids” thing DOWN, I tells ya!
But despite my Peter Pan-eqsue vows to “never grow up!”, my daughters are reminding me daily how decades of work, school, social and family obligations coupled with the everyday woes, worries and sins of this world can slowly chip away childhood innocence in sneaky ways you may not even realize.




Watching Tessa so enthralled by seemingly mundane things, like the way light reflects off of water droplets in a kiddie pool, or watching Thyme blink up into my face with such open, trusting wonder – it reminds me that there is so much more to life than the grand adventures, the experiences and even the fun “things”, like splashing around in a pool.
Yes, those events, activities and actions are important – but the way we experience them can be so much deeper, so much more meaningful.
The kiddie pool is the forest, but the sun, the water, the very air are the leaves on the trees, so to speak.



After nearly 30 years on this planet, I’m still learning that every outing, every action and every experience has the potential to be enjoyed on a deeper level, seen through fresh eyes full of wonder. My daughters have reminded me to stop and enjoy the sensory experiences life has to offer – touching a flower, tree bark, a leaf.
And when you get lost in the mystery and miracle of water droplets and the way twigs float while rocks sink, you can’t help but feel on a deeper and more profound level how truly awesome the Creator of all things seen and unseen is.
You know how every once in a while you experience something new, or get brought to a place in life where a Scripture you’ve heard a thousand times just take on a whole new and deeper meaning? When I think of my daughters and their exploration in such tiny ways of this huge world and all it has to offer, I can’t help but think:

Who knew? We haven’t even started homeschool yet, and already my kids are schooling me! ^_^