Disneyland and Navy Life and Work, Oh My!

Life has been a little cray cray recently.
A lot of stuff has happened.
A lot of stuff is currently happening.
My girls have this adorable habit of trying to make me lose my sanity whenever I try to play catch up. Things would be so much easier if I didn’t have to, ya know, sleep. Or bathe. Or eat.
Some of the fun highlights of the past month that I fell of the planet include:
Jonathan reenlisted in the Navy, and we are looking forward to another batch of years with Jonathan stationed at Lemoore NAS. Which is nice, since I am rather smitten with our house, and my job and our friends and other pesky sentimental things.
Jonathan got a spiffy certificate for his discharge / reenlistment AND he got some cake. He was really excited about the cake. (A certificate is a certificate, but THIS was an ice cream cake!)






We also got to take Thyme to Disneyland for her first birthday, which was super de-dooper fun. Check out some of these sweet, melt-your-heart photos of our visit:










I also made manager at my job with the Farmers Market, and so now my limited time is already much more limited. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! Trying out a whole new method of managing my time this month, in and attempt to not lose my sanity (what is left of it). We will see how this works out…
And now, it is back to work I go. Things I am fighting with right now: Cleaning my house and KEEPING it clean (including some massive clean up jobs in the garage, back yard, closets and office), paying off our debt (car and credit card is gonna be a doosey), and losing the last 20 pounds to get to my goal weight of not being a fatty fat faterson.

WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!