Getting Back Into Blogging!

So you’ll never guess what I did.
I bought a DDR machine. That’s right. Dance Dance Revolution. Tell your friends.
Seriously though, teenage fantasy, meet mid-life crisis. We can always pay the car off next month.. right? Am I right? (Don’t answer that.)


So life has NOT really slowed down at all since my last post whining about how busy I have been. I am blessed to have two beautiful baby girls who are getting bigger, more energetic, and more mischievous by the day.
I have a kick ass job at the Farmers Market. I basically work for the people that grow things to eat. It is way awesome.
I have eliminated wedding photography from my life for the time being, because it was turning more into work and eating up my free weekends with my family. I love shooting weddings, they just don’t make the cut when it comes to my priorities.
And unfortunately this blog also got chopped for the last month or so. But I miss blogging, so very much. I mean, an ache in my soul, creative void pain type missing.

So here I am! I’m back! And I am determined to blog the crap out of this blog. I hope you guys stick around for the fun as I fumble through domestic life as a big geeky kid who secretly wants to be a farmer.