Snowy Day in Sequoia National Park

Once again, we spent Christmas Day playing in the snow at Sequoia National Park in California! (Start of a new tradition, perhaps??)
Last year we were woefully unprepared for the day trip – both the hubby and I forgot our gloves, and did not have appropriate winter wear – so THIS year we made sure to pack ahead of time and pre-plan. Even so, we still.. uhh.. forgot the sleds and toboggans. DOH!
But hey! Snow is snow and we had a blast regardless! This was Tessas second time in the snow in the Sequoias, and Thymes FIRST time (if you don’t count her being there in my belly last Christmas!)
The Sequoias hold a VERY special place in our lives, since it’s the location that started it all with Jonathan and I. As friends, we went on a three day backpacking trip on the High Sierra Trail in the Sequoia National Forest. And after miles of climbing through meadows, traversing streams, skirting cliffs, and stargazing under the giant redwoods, we were inseparable. We generally calculate the date of our “dating” relationship from this time.
So the Sequoias – from the foothills at Three Rivers, to the redwoods up by Lodgepole – hold a very special place in our hearts. So it makes my heart so happy to continue forging memories here with our daughters in the giant outdoor cathedral of the redwoods.
This was the first time Tessa really NOTICED the giant trees. She walked up to one, looking up so high that she was practically arching backwards, and said, OH WOW! BIG! It literally makes my heart ache hearing my little girl marvel at the mighty creative works of God Almighty. Even little Thyme was impressed by snowflakes on her glove! Anyhoo, here are some of the photos from our day! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! Merry Christmas and God Bless!