So Busy That I Just Need To… Stop!

I’m so so so so so so soooooooooooooo busy that…. I need to just stop.
As I’m sure all you lovely folks know, I am in the midst of an epic battle of Good vs. Evil. Good being the right of homeowners such as myself to own small, clean, responsibly owned mini goats. And evil being the class warfare, backwards thinking, antiquated mindset control freaks that want to control their neighbor’s backyards.
But in addition to the political activism work I’m doing in the city, I’ve also recently (like, last week!) accepted a job as an Assistant Manager at the Visalia Farmers Market. A lot of the work is work-from-home type gigs, so I’m busy busy with all kinds of social media work and event planning and such.
Then of course there’s housework, this blog, my garden, my photography business (in the height of wedding season!) and so on and so on and so on…. I reached a MAJOR snapping point yesterday.
So starting today, I’m slowing down. I’m going to pace myself, schedule some me time and more importantly, focus on my precious baby girls (who are ultimately the REASON I work so hard!). I don’t want to become to wrapped up in life that I forget to live. To go play in the sprinklers, to paint a picture with water colors, to bake cookies, to chase bugs, to enjoy my kids being kids while they’re still kids!




So starting today, my blog posts are going to get shorter. Because, let’s face it, I type / talk too much and no one really wants to read a 1200 word article on the health benefits of X, Y, Z (even though I find it fascinating) and while I pride myself on getting wedding photos out quickly, it won’t kill a bride to wait a few weeks for her wedding album.
I’m going to start getting better about trusting other people with projects, especially when I have so many willing and selfless volunteers with the “Goat Movement”. And I’m going to quit feeling so guilty when I shut my phone off and just read a book until my mind stops threatening to explode. And above all, I’m going to make sure my kids are always a priority in any given moment.


I don’t want to become so busy working and fighting for my kids, that I miss out on them. You guys hold me accountable, yeah?