Thyme’s One Week Newborn Photos

Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe it’s been over a week now that we’ve had little Thyme home safe and sound!
While this week has been a whirlwind – from missing (and finding!) my cat, to hosting a slew of houseguests, to working on the garden with the hubby – it has been a blessed and memorable time. Juggling two kids under two isn’t as hard as I had expected (of course, she’s sleeping a lot of the time right now and not crawling yet!) but there are new challenges and time management hurdles to navigate.
The first time I had BOTH girls crying and needing simultaneous diaper changes, feedings and cuddle times, I had a mini “how do most mothers manage?!?!” moment. I do kind of fear for what it will be like when my husband is no longer on paternity leave and I have to manage all of this solo. But these precious little princesses are well worth the effort!
So anyway! For Thyme’s one week photos, my husband and I decided to wait for the “perfect” moment to take them. Tessa is enamored with her little sister, and whenever we focus our attention too solidly on baby Thyme, she feels the need to get right up in the action and lead the way with feeding the baby a bottle, shoving a binky in her face, burping her, or whatever we happen to be doing at the moment.
So I figured the ONLY way to get some uninterrupted baby photo time in, would be to wait for Tessa to fall asleep. Since I like to shoot in natural light, it had to be in the afternoon when the sun hits our dining room windows just right. So when the magic moment finally happened – a sleepy Tessa and a perfectly lit shooting space – we rushed around grabbing the basket, the fabric (the same shawl we used for Tessa’s newborn photos!) and getting ready.
Aaaand, of course, our perfectly posable sleeping baby Thyme decided to wake up… and stay awake for the WHOLE mini photoshoot, till Tessa woke up from her nap. At first I was a little bummed I didn’t get any cliché sleeping baby propped up type photos, but I rather like these wide eyed and curious shots of Thyme. She is such a chill, observant, calm little princess!
I am feeling like such a blessed woman, to have two beautiful baby girls. It boggles my brain to think that I am the mother of TWO little ladies. God is so good!!














Thanks again to all who have kept me in your thoughts and prayers through this past crazy week.. from being a new mommy of two, to looking for my cat, to recovering from delivery. The kind words mean the world to me! <3