Great American Wine Company’s 2012 Chardonnay

Here we go with another red, white and blue! The Great American Wine Company, a brand from Diageo Chateau & Estates, has given me the privilege of reviewing another one their great wines! You can check out my previous review on their 2012 Red Blend by clicking here, and my review on the 2012 “Blue” Cabernet Sauvignon by clicking here.
The wines in the series feature vivid vintage, turn of the century Americana style labels in a red, white and blue patriotic theme.. and for good reason! From The Great American Wine Company:
The Great American Wine Company, by Rosenblum Cellars, is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of America. We proudly use the finest grapes from coastal California vineyards to pay tribute to classic American varietals and winemaking techniques. In tribute to our American heroes, we donate to U.S. military charities to support our troops and veterans each year.
This trio of new wines from the winemaking team at Rosenblum Cellars brings a spirit of commitment to American heroes. The brand has committed to an annual contribution to military charities to support active troops and veterans. In 2014, the USO will be the primary recipient, and will receive $100,000 donation to support its efforts to provide thousands of programs for US troops and their families worldwide.
I’m super duper excited about reviewing the white in the trio, and I really do think we’ve saved the best for last becauuuuuuse: Chardonnay is my all-time favorite wine, hands down! Aside from giving me excessive opportunity to quote Sean Connery from Saturday Night Live’s Celebrity Jeopardy (click here if you are clueless), the wine itself is like ambrosia from the gods. Or unicorn urine. Or something else that conveys an unbelievably tasty drink.
I really wanted to get these wine reviews out back to back, but I like to taste wines with my hubby, and since he was on duty all weekend – which also effectively shut down our plans to go to that mom blog convention in Anaheim (gotta love the Navy) – he was unable to share a wine with me until he was off duty. Which happened TODAY.
So my apologies for the spaced out reviews, but good things are worth waiting for, yeah?!
 And this wine is GOOD. I usually review food items well after the consumption of said food, but not so with this bottle of liquid goodness. In fact, we are sipping the wine as I type, sitting in our jammies, watching re-runs of Scrubs and enjoying our aperitif before we go make a yummy dinner of baby spinach and salmon (also in our jammies).
Here’s a little bit more about this 2012 Chardonnay:
– The bottle is made up of 100% Chardonnay.
– The grapes for this wine were picked well into September and October to provide excellent fruit with balanced acids and rich, concentrated flavors.
– The wine was stainless steel barrel aged for 2 months to retain the vibrant fruit nature.
– The flavor is bold, packed with bright citrus and soft vanilla, the wine features hints of stone fruits and ripe apple.
I love this quote from John Kane, Great American Wine Winemaker, “This is a Chardonnay fashioned with Old World style; fat, round, juicy, and incredibly inviting. I like to think of it as Amazing Grace in a wine glass.”
Being the shameless white wine junkie that I am, I am in love with this “white” in the trio the most. (Surprise, surprise!) While it is not my favorite bottle of Chardonnay, (the number one slot belongs to an Australian brand that I can’t regularly afford) it is one that I am greatly enjoying – especially for the price! – and I can see myself making a point to add this little beauty to my kitchen cellar to keep on hand. The beautiful bottle aesthetics don’t hurt a smidge either.
My husband enjoyed this white wine, but he is still craving the “Red” in the Great American Wine series. They’re all great bottles, and the diversity in flavor while sticking to such a worthy theme is nothing short of culinary artwork.

Do check them out if you get the chance!

Gingi Freeman

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