Sex On A Snowbank Winter Cocktail

As I have mentioned before, my husband and I are slowly taking a culinary tour through mixology history, discovering and trying the oldest original cocktails of the world. But every now and then I see these big, bright, beautiful seasonal and themed cocktails on Pinterest, and then I toss my 1891 copy of Boothbys American Cocktails on the counter, and roll up my sleeves to go all craftsy, boozy housewife all up in hyah.
This Sex on a Snowbank cocktail is a perfect case in point of Pinterest striking again. This cocktail is easy to make, gorgeous to look at and is essentially a lovely cocktail glass of coconut milk with coconut rum sprinkled with powdered coconut. Coconut, coconut, coconut!! Love, love, love!!
Credit for the creation of this new winter themed cocktail that is taking Pinterest by storm appears to go to Minnesota blogger Nellie at the Nellie Bellie Blog, posted in mid-January of 2015. (This chick has a LOVELY blog, click here to hop on over and check her out!)


Her recipe calls for coconut cream, I swapped the cream out for coconut milk. I wanted a thinner texture, but I also liked the idea of cutting out some calories by switching to coconut milk. (I know, I know, trying to healthy up a cocktail is a charming exercise in futility, but a girl has gotta try!)
We also swapped out the coconut flakes on the rim of the glass with.. wait for it… coconut flour! Coconut flour is just a soft, flour-like product made from the pulp of a coconut. It’s actually a by-product made during the coconut milk making process. When making coconut milk, you have to soak coconut meat and that pulp is then dried out and ground into this powdery flour.
The boozy star of the cocktail and sole source of that yummy yummy ethyl alcohol is the Malibu Rum. Malibu Rum is a rum flavored with coconut liqueur made in Barbados, and it gives this drink just the right kick.


But enough talking about it, let’s get to making it! You will need:
2 ounces coconut milk
3 ounces Malibu Rum
4 to 6 ice cubes
Coconut flour, to rim the glass
Plop the ice, alcohol, and coconut milk into a blender and mix to a slushie consistency. Roll the rim of a chilled cocktail glass in some Malibu Rum and then roll in coconut flour, and then fill the glass with the blended drink. If you are feeling saucy, sprinkle some coconut flour on top of your cocktail too!




What is YOUR favorite winter themed cocktail?