Sterling Vineyards Aromatic White Vintner’s Collection 2011

Another wine tasting blog post, woohoo! This time we are celebrating.. uhh.. well, good wine? (Like I need an excuse to drink wine, pfft!)
I’m excited to try this aromatic white from Sterling Vineyards since 1) Sterling Vineyards is a trusted winery with superior quality wines, and 2) I am a sucker for a good white wine.
But before I start in on the tasting, check out this information I just learned about Sterling Vineyards:

Sterling Vineyards is a Green Winery!

I have been on a quest to drink greener wines (and organic veggies… and free range eggs… and Fair Trade coffees.. and Fair Trade teas… but I digress!) so this is welcome info! From Sterling Vineyards website:
Sterling Vineyards is proud to be a certified Napa County Green Winery, a distinction we achieved in 2009 as one of the first 12 wineries to be included. This certification is a result of our diligent efforts in conserving water and energy, as well as preventing pollution and landfill waste.
In addition, Sterling is also certified as Napa County Green for our land and vineyard practices, which include sustainable vineyard management, water conservation, and fish-friendly farming across 100% of our estate vineyards.
Every year we recycle approximately 1,400 tons of waste, resulting in a waste diversion rate of 95%. This has resulted in awards in the Waste Reduction Awards Program from the California Integrated Waste Management Board for the past three years. (Proceeds from the award have been donated to local charities each year.)
From vineyard practices to winery operations to the daily activities at our world-famous tasting rooms, Sterling Vineyards is proud to act as a dedicated steward of our environmental riches.



More About the Wine

Sterling Vineyards provided me with a bottle of their Aromatic White Vintner’s Collection from 2011.
The fruit for this wine was sourced from several different vineyards throughout California, all of which share a similar climate of warm days and cool nights. Up and down California, these wine regions enable the grapes to develop rich, ripe flavors under the heat of the sun. In the evening, cool Pacific breezes lower temperatures, allowing the acids to develop alongside the sugars.
From Sterling Vineyards on the taste profile and the winemaking techniques of this wine:
Bright fruit flavors, lush texture and good acidity. Recognized for their intense fruit and floral profiles, the aromatic white varietals include grapes such as Muscat, Malvasia, Viognier, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer. Although each is individually stunning on its own, we thought we would combine them to yield a beautiful and complex white wine to wow the senses. Each varietal was fermented individually in stainless steel to accentuate the fruit profile and retain the delicate aromatics. We then tasted each lot and blended the varietals together to create sumptuous, tantalizing wine.


My Thoughts on the Wine

This is a delicious and lively springtime wine. The clear light yellow-golden wine is bright and refreshing and perfect for family get togethers with a light meal, or dining al fresco.
The scent is crisp and strong with a leading citrus aroma with subtle floral undertones. The first sip really brings out the lime, lemon, orange and tangerine elements of the wine. While not unpleasant, I much preferred the taste and finish of the wine to the aroma. The taste is crisp without being tart, with a smooth finish that does not linger. Overall, it is an exceptionally well-balanced wine.
Additionally, this wine is a great value! Prices appear to vary based on location, but it should fall well within any wine drinkers casual drinking budget. I would recommend this wine. The price and the quality make this a must try!
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Are you a fan of white wine blends? What is your favorite white wine? Share below!

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  • 1 May, 2014 at 4:04 am

    So I’m not usually a fan of white wine, but this one was really good! Whites are typically too sweet for my tastes… I prefer the more rich deep flavors of red wines, however this wine was crisp and refreshing. Not overly sweet, but very fruity.

    • 3 May, 2014 at 3:29 pm

      Glad you liked it!!

  • 22 December, 2014 at 2:00 am

    We want to try this wine. Where can we get it?

    • 22 December, 2014 at 2:31 am

      I believe Bevmo’s should carry it!

  • 30 October, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    Excellent wine!!! I pleasantly surprised. I tried this wine on a whim, my local wine store had it on special for $2.50!!! She told us it is a good name brand wine it just wasn’t selling.It was located in the back of the store on the lower shelves..She put it up front on clearance, I was reluctant to try it thinking it was not good..I am glad I tasted this wine,has been a wonderful addition to our meals..

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