Visalia’s Best Old School Hole in the Wall Donut Joint – Scotty’s Donuts!

I am a bit of a junky for business reviews, and I sometimes spend more time researching favorable reviews for a place than actually eating at said place! So when I saw that Scotty’s Donuts, the nearest food stop to my new house in Visalia topped the charts of Yelp, Yahoo, Chowhound and Urban Spoon? Let’s just say I was a teeny tiny bit intrigued. (Read: Salivating and picturing everyone as walking donuts.)
This is your classic hole in the wall, mom and pop donut shop, owned by the same family for well over 30 years. Browsing through online reviews, it became abundantly clear that this place has a long enmeshed history in old school Visalia, it has wildly devoted regulars, and even the just-passing-through reviews were mightily impressed.
One thing that won me over was that this old fashioned joint has no online paper trail. No website, no Facebook page, no advertisements, no self-promotion. They are literally sustained by their die-hard fans and newly wooed customers.
Now, when we moved into our new home, we quickly learned that we have to drive past Scotty’s Donuts every day to get to our house. And we knew where Scotty’s was because the line of cars literally stretches out into the road, often blocking traffic. It’s like being in a Frogger video game to get into the drive through line! (In fact, one of my first City Council Meetings I attended, citizens were actually complaining about this very thing!)




Even though there’s no tables or chairs, just a walk up window or drive through option, this place is packed year round, rain or shine. So you could say our expectations were mighty high when we finally got around to trying these Central Valley legendary donuts.
The verdict is: Scotty’s Donuts do NOT disappoint! I can see what all the fuss is about! Large donuts, pleasantly and artfully put together, great selection and variety, and reasonably priced to boot!






I was impressed with how very fresh the donuts are (which I guess they would have to be, to keep up with the never ending line of customers!) and the icing, glazes and fillings are very flavorful and moist. The maple old fashioned and apple fritters were exceptionally delicious.
Now I haven’t tried EVERY donut place in Visalia just yet, but it’s kind of hard to when Scotty’s keeps pulling me back for more. Especially now that I’ve cut sugar completely out of my diet, when I decide to splurge on junk food, I find that I choose a lot more carefully what will put me into a sugar coma!







So have you tried Scotty’s Donuts? Interested in trying them? Share below!