AcuRite Copper Cup Rain Chain Product Review


It’s rainy in California this week!! We had a great thunderstorm a few days ago, and we should be getting another one next weekend. This is so exciting!
One of the things that really, really, REALLY make me happy is a rainy day. Something in my internal wiring must be backwards or topsy turvy, because I swear I have the opposite of SAD (seasonal affective disorder, where people get depressed if they go too long without a sunny day). I get depressed without a RAINY day! And cloudy days without rain??? TORTURE!
So here’s the skinny. I live in California. California is currently facing an extreme drought.
And I mean an EXTREME drought. According to the Geophysical Research Papers, California hasn’t seen a drought this bad in well over 1200 years. Neighborhoods next to me are actually running out of water and having to move out of their homes. Entire wells are just going dry. Whole communities are relying on water rations from the state and from humanitarian groups that are delivering bottled water to portion out to families living in shelters.
So needless to say, rain in California is precious and few these days. And for a rain loving gal like myself, this is just.. well.. depressing.
When I moved to California this time last year, it took well over half a year before I saw even a single rain drop. I kid you not. All of this is to say, when gray clouds roll in overhead, I go into a kind of “savor the moment” mode.
With that first drop from the sky, I chuck all plans for the day, get snuggled up into a comfy sweater, open all the windows in the house, put on some Billie Holiday, make a pot of my home roasted coffee and settle down in my overstuffed armchair with a good book. It’s MAGIC. (Now do you see why this rainy week has gotten me all a-flutter??)
One of my favorite parts of book reading / rain watching on rainy days is the cascade of water off the eaves of rooftops and the dripping rivulets off trees and plants. I always try to position myself by a window with the best view of drips and splashes – whether I’m in a coffee shop, a book store or at home.
So when I discovered rain chains not too long ago, I decided I simply NEEDED to put one by every downspout within view of a window. To be able to capture and harness the trickling splashes of fresh rain water on a gorgeous chain instead of having it dump unceremoniously from a gaudy downspout.. uhhh, can we say yes please?!
Even though I’ve gotten a bit of good natured flack for hanging up rain chains in the midst of a state-wide drought of Biblical proportions, I’ve got no shame. Am I obsessed? Why yes. Yes I am. 😉




A Little More About Rain Chains

As I’ve posted before, rain chains originated hundreds of years ago in Japan, where they are known as kusari-doi (literally “chain-gutter”) and where they are still widely used on homes and temples.
Rain chains are essentially alternatives to a typical tube-style downspout. Their purpose is largely decorative, to make a water feature out of a home’s rain gutter system – rain chains guide water from the roof gutter to the ground as a decorative alternative to a downspout.
Rain chains generally terminate into a catch basin tray, a downspout splash block, or a basin to collect the water. (Rain barrels, container water gardens and rock beds are also becoming increasingly popular as rain gutter / rain chain reservoirs.)

About AcuRite Weather Products

From the AcuRite website (CLICK HERE to check it out!):
AcuRite is owned by the Chaney Instrument Co., a leading manufacturer of precision time, temperature and weather products since 1943. AcuRite is the #1 top selling brand in weather products. AcuRite technology provides easy-to-understand, comprehensive data about the elements surrounding your home or work, so you can monitor the places you care about most, stay informed of changing conditions and plan the day with confidence.
From digital thermometers to wireless sensors, AcuRite products are widely recognized for accuracy, quality and ease of use. We offer environmental information products for every niche; whether you are a gardener, aviator, sportsman or a homeowner looking for localized data, AcuRite has you covered with our top quality rain gauges, barometers, hygrometers, thermometers, indoor and outdoor monitors, pool thermometers, wind sensors, wireless weather instruments, weather stations and weather forecasters.
One of first products Chaney Instrument Co. invented and patented was the glass tube candy thermometer that is still in use today!
Today, we are still a family-owned business based in idyllic Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We remain committed to our customers, our employees and our environment.




My Thoughts on the AcuRite Rain Chain

The AcuRite Copper Rain Chain replaces a traditional downspout with 20 functional and elegant copper cups and decorative chain links that guide rainwater to the ground, acting as a funnel. I am a huge fan of the cup design in rain chains, as it seems to give more of a tinkling sound with the rain patter.
My favorite element to this rain chain is the length! The chain measures in at 8 feet long, which is sufficient for a standard single story house, and can be easily adjusted by adding or removing cups. The 8 foot chain, when clipped in my downspout, reaches just a few inches shy of the ground! (My daughter Tessa is especially thrilled with this eye-level water feature!)
The chain does require assembly (the cups and chains are all separate), but assembly is a cinch. Like all rain chains, the chain is easy to install – slide the clip into downspout, string the chain through and voila! You’re good to go.
This rain chain is fun to see in action! The wide-mouth metal cups catch water and contains it into a more concentrated steam, so you get a maximum effect with very little rain. Because of this, the resulting stream with moderate to heavy rainfall approaches the force of a faucet turned full blast. I’d recommend that a splash guard be used with this chain and that it not empty out too close to your homes foundation!
I haven’t owned the chain long enough to attest to its durability, but I can’t imagine that the metal construction would fail to be weather resistant.
One thing that is both a major pro and a major con regarding the chain – First the major pro: When rain is tinkling down the cups, the sound is quite nice. It’s my favorite aspect to the chain in action, even more than the visual appeal. (Imagine it as a rainy version of a wind chime.)
Now the major con: On windy, rain-less days, the hollow cups tend to sway and clank around quite a bit. So I’d recommend either anchoring it to the ground, letting it empty into a basin where the chain is a bit more contained, or just figure it’s a double duty rain chain / wind chime, haha! (I actually hate, hate, HATE wind chimes, which is why the clanking in the wind made my eye twitch.)
Overall, the vibrant color and sound design make this a great chain for the price! It’s one of the more affordable chains on the market and it versatility in varying the length of the chain for customization makes this especially appealing. CLICK HERE to check it out on the Home Depot website!
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Are you getting much rain where you are? Interested in a getting rain chain of your own? Share below!