EGO Power+ 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower Review and GIVEAWAY!

Ohhhhh, I can hear you guys now. Say whaaaat?! Chick just had a baby two weeks ago, and she’s out doing yard work?! Carrying the baby?! WITH POWER TOOLS?!
Yes. Yes I am. 😉
But before you go thinking I’m some Rambo-esque housekeeping badass, you should know: 1) This leaf blower weighs next to nothing (I was able to use it during my most uncomfortable stages of the third trimester, and was playing with it / showing it off literally up to the DAY OF my delivery); and 2) It is so powerful that it finishes routine yard and landscape upkeep jobs in a matter of minutes. No joke. Check it out:
My quest for THE PERFECT leaf blower began a few months ago. We have a magnolia and an ash tree in our front yard, and they just loooove to drop their business all over our deck, walkway, driveway and roof. I’d been sweeping up this mess every other day, in a futile attempt to control the madness, but it was a losing battle. Especially when the rubbish started piling up in the lawn and flower beds.
At first it was just tedious and time consuming. But then little sticky stepped on beady things from the ash tree started getting lodged into the deck cracks, crushed into the mortar on the brick walkway, and started weighing down the roof gutters. While I am all for frivolous landscaping tools, a leaf blower was quickly becoming a necessity.
But the hubby and I just couldn’t agree on which leaf blower to buy. He insisted we get a gas blower. I wanted a cordless electric blower.
“Gas is far more powerful than an electric blower!” – said the husband.
“Gas is smelly and electric is far lighter than a heavy gas blower. I’m going to be the one using it. It’s my toy, I’m a wimp, I’m the woman, and what I say goes!” – said the wife.
And round and round it went.
So I consulted the ol’ interwebs for some enlightenment. In my quest for “the” leaf blower, I discovered the EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower. With the industry’s most powerful battery, more power than most gas blowers and one of the highest rated products on the market I was intrigued.. and maybe just a little skeptical. Could this be the leaf blower? The blower of all blowers that bridges the gap between gas hungry husband and lightweight cordless craving wife? *cue suspenseful music*


More About the EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower

From the EGO Power+ Blower website (CLICK HERE to visit!):
The EGO Blower is the most powerful rechargeable blower on the market and the first to perform better than many premium gas-powered models. The first-ever 56-Volt lithium-ion battery has 40 percent more power than the leading 40-Volt battery, and this is the first blower to exceed the performance of gas.
The EGO Blower has the best cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) rating than any electric and many premium gas blowers. The turbine fan engineering is inspired by advanced aeronautics technology to deliver industry leading power. It features a high efficiency brushless motor with a lightweight compact design that delivers longer run time, low vibrations and an extended motor life. The EGO Blower delivers the performance of gas without the noise, fuss and fumes. Overall:
– Industry’s most powerful battery
– High efficiency brushless motor
– Turbine fan engineering
– Turbo boost function
– Up to 1-hour Run Time with 56V Battery 2.0 Ah
– Large diameter blower tube
– 40 minute charge time
– Ergonomic Design for Superb Balance and User Comfort
– Variable-Speed: High Efficiency blows at 250 CFM Turbo Boost blows at 480 CFM



My Thoughts on the EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower

You know that comical reaction when someone picks up something really light, expecting it to be really heavy, and their arm jerks upward? Yeah, THAT.
At a mere ten pounds, this sucker is so laughably lightweight that I was handling it without breaking a sweat while 9 months pregnant. (To put this into proper perspective, a gallon of milk weighs 8 ½ pounds.) In fact, the blower is SO LIGHT that it’s power output is all the more impressive when seen in action.
The first job I gave this bad boy was driveway and sidewalk clean up. While working on my garden walkway, we had spilled a good quantity of decomposed granite on our driveway. I figured the blower would get rid of the powder and pebble sized rocks and I’d finish up and sweep away the larger rocks with a broom.. but this sucker blew decent sized rock chunks away on the LOW setting and cleared the driveway solo. Within SECONDS. I kid you not!



After that first display of power, the rest of the afternoon was spent playing leaf blower scientists. We conducted many high tech experiments – all in the name of science, of course. For instance, my husband stepped outside our front door, pointed the blower at our neighbor’s house, and then giggled maniacally as the neighbor’s house hugging flower bed experienced a mini gale. (For science!!)
But in all seriousness, this leaf blower is beyond impressive. It’s groundbreaking. It’s powerful enough for the manly men who like to grunt over their power tools, and yet gentle and light enough for the housewife who wants to get her yard work done in a snap with minimal effort.
As a stay at home mom of two under two, I have to get my yard work done quickly, efficiently and usually while lugging a baby around and keeping an eye on a toddler in the throes of the terrible twos. This leaf blower is a godsend!
In addition to being lightweight and powerful, this thing runs at a whisper in comparison to the racket that other blowers make. We ran this puppy at turbo for most of the blog photos, and my two week old Thyme slept soundly in her baby wrap the entire time. (The white noise of a vacuum cleaner has nothing on this blower! Hah!)


It’s easy to use, with simple controls – a switch for low and high and a turbo button. Easy freaking peasy. It’s perfectly weighted and well balanced so that a casual grip positions the nozzle right along the ground. As a result I have yet to feel even a smidgen of arm fatigue, even while button mashing turbo and running the battery down on large jobs! (My only complaint is that the turbo button is addicting, and turbo sucks the battery dry fairly quickly. But there has yet to be a job in my yard that actually REQUIRES the turbo option.. it’s just really really fun!!)
Anyway, I can go on and on and on (as my regular readers are well aware, haha!) so I’ll just wrap this up with.. oh, say.. hmmm, how about an EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower GIVEAWAY?!?!

Enter for a Chance to WIN an EGO Power+ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Blower

After reaching out to the awesome folks who produce the EGO Power+ Blower, they have offered to give away a Blower to one lucky Domestic Geek Girl reader (a $199 value)!
– Entry is open to United States and Canada residents that are over the age of 18 years.
– You can enter to win once per day.
– The entry period is from March 28th, 2015 to April 12th, 2015.
– Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 48 hours or the prize will be forfeited and a new winner selected.
– EGO Power+ will forward the prize winning goods to the lucky person.
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