Good Directions Multi-Purpose Bronze Boot Tray

Woohoo! More home décor eye candy from Good Directions! My hubby and I are planning to have our hardwood floors refinished next spring, and while it’s a loooong way off, I want to get everyone in the habit NOW of taking their shoes off before stepping inside.
What better way to make “leave shoes here” obvious than a boot tray?! I know when some think of boot tray they think of those ugly black mats or rubber planks, but this is a home décor enhancing functional piece of art! Check it out!

About Good Directions

Good Directions offers fresh, unique and classic outdoor living décor from a growing roster of artisans. From weathervanes to birdhouses to fire pits, all of their heavy-gauge, high quality products are designed to last for generations.
From the president of Good Directions:
Outdoor living is booming. Today’s homeowners are bringing the same attention to beautifying their outdoor living spaces as they do their interiors. Good Directions is passionate about providing our customers with unique items that combine stylish form with durable function; elements that meet the high standards of house-proud homeowners. At Good Directions we believe excellent quality and service should be a given. We think you deserve more. We hope you’ll always look to Good Directions for outdoor living products that are unique and innovative.





About the Boot Tray

– 35 x 15 x 2 inches
– Perfect for storing boots, shoes, sneakers, and more in entryways, laundry rooms, mud rooms, foyers, or any other room in the house
– Your potted plants will be safe and secure while also making clean-up a breeze; You’ll never worry about over-watering again
– Keep your pet food and water bowls off the ground for no-fuss cleaning
– Powder coated, galvanized steel construction with a Venetian bronze finish
– Raised lip helps contain items inside tray




 My Thoughts on the Boot Tray

I was really excited to receive this boot tray, because I have at least FOUR entry and exit points that I want to have shoe baskets or trays for. And this beautiful tray could work in ANY ONE of those spots! (For the record I’m still undecided on where, exactly, this tray will end up, haha..)
While I intend to use the tray for boots and shoes for now, this is also a great decorative tray to hold plants, pet bowls or serve as a dining table or oversized coffee table book tray. I actually intend to use this as my dining table tray as soon as my toddler is old enough to resist her constant urge to destroy any and everything on the kitchen table.
The tray is nice and wide (it has ample space for my hubby’s size 12 boots) and is long enough to comfortably fit 4 pairs of shoes. It’s far more lightweight and flexible than I’d anticipated, but it’s not so light and bendy as to feel breakable. I got a little worried when my daughter decided to throw a 5 pound Chinese dog statue at it, but it held up without suffering any dings or wear and tear. (Passes the baby test = check!)
This looks great wherever you place it, it went great with my tile floor, marble tabletop and wood deck. The versatility in function and appearance makes this a great home décor investment.
Being in the midst of one of the worst droughts in California’s history, I haven’t used this long enough to attest to how it holds up to moisture from wet boots. I can’t imagine it would do poorly, as it appears to be of solid and sturdy construction, and the high sides seem like they would be fantastic for containing water, mud, wet leaves and generally wet season randomness.
As I’ve said before, Good Directions does not sell product, they sell art! Each item is a source of pride for homeowners!
Good Directions has an amazing variety of unique and classic designs for boot trays, featuring high-quality craftsmanship. (CLICK HERE to see their full online catalogue of boot tray designs!) 
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If you are looking for a fun and flexible functional art piece, I’d recommend this art tray for boots, books, plants or bowls!