Let There Be Light! Adventures In First Time Home Owning

I am a sucker for twinkle lights. They are so frikkin magical I could just explode.
I have an alarmingly large number of things that make me go absolutely giddy with glee. Like warm socks, good books, dark roasted coffees, anything that has anything to do with cats and, of course, twinkle lights. My mother in law has caught on to these quirks of mine, and so I am pretty much an easy target when it comes to buying the perfect Christmas gifts. This year while visiting the in laws for the holidays?
Literally the second we got home, before we had even unpacked our bags from our trip to Washington, I had Jonathan outside, perched up on our little step ladder, stringing up the twinkle lights over our front porch. And, my goodness, are they the most enchantingly enchanting enchanters!
Buuuuuut, heres the deal.
Our little ranch style house was built in the 1950s when outdoor power outlets apparently weren’t really a big thing. And while our house has gone through some nifty upgrades from various owners over the years, no one thought that an exterior power source would be a good idea.
So for the last two years whenever we need ANYTHING that requires electricity in the front or back yard, (weed wacker, Christmas lights, etc.) we have to literally crack open a window, feed an extension cord through and leave the extension cord outside for the duration of its use.
This means ALL DECEMBER LONG we have a cracked window so we can have our twinkle lights powered. Our heating bill hated us for that one.
Now that we have these lovely al fresco dining lights that I want to have available year round, finding a permanent solution that doesn’t include open windows was a must.
Now, my husband is an Aviation Technician in the Navy, so he basically works as an electrician ALL. DAY. LONG. So I did the naggy wife thing, (in the most endearing way possible) and insisted that he put his magical United States Navy electrical skills to work on our house. And.. he did!





A quick trip to Lowes and an hour later.. we had an outdoor power outlet! WHAT?! He could it that quickly?! We had been living without exterior power for two whole years when it was a $30 and one hour job?! Yes. Yes we had.
Now, we are not done yet. We need to plaster over the hole hubby sawed into the wall. Our house is also in serious need of a good power washing and fresh coat of paint, which is on our mile long bucket list of household upgrades in the coming years..
But other than that.. we have power outside! Which means gorgeous outside lights! No more cracked windows!! Wheeeeeee!!! This just might be the most exciting homeowner thing I have done in 2016.
Add this one to the list of You Know You Are An Adult When….