Red Clover Blossom Tincture for PMS Symptoms

I’ve been WAY out of blogging recently due to the Great Goat War of 2015. (CLICK HERE to check out the new blog to cover THAT fiasco.)
Being two months post-partum, and dealing with a world of legal drama courtesy of the bitch neighbor who wouldn’t let me get my lost kitten, and had the city take my milking goats that feed my children when I can’t produce breast milk for them, it seems only fitting that my first “real” post back into the blogosphere cover monstrous PMS rage. Or, ya know, just dealing with symptoms. Whatever.
PMS is never a really elegant subject to talk about. I’m the type who shrouds the subject in colorful euphemisms. So for the sake of professionalism I will NOT be referring to menstrual cycles as: The commies have invaded the funhouse, Riding the cotton pony, The “Girl Flu”, Code Red, Flying the Japanese Flag or “Shark Week”. Promise!
So anyway! Back to this amazing tincture of amazing awesomeness! It’s basically an herbal and liquid form of Midol or Aspirin.
 But while Midol or Aspirin can help alleviate headaches and numb menstrual associated pain, taking in these medicines in excess can lead to other known issues, including hormonal imbalances – which just compounds the initial problem!
Red clover blossoms can alleviate menstrual pain and help reduce the severity of the symptoms, because red clover serves as an all-natural estrogen booster. During menstruation, women experience a sudden decrease in prolactin, which causes a severe hormonal imbalance. Women who experience drastic hormone imbalances often suffer from more severe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Headaches come on a bit stronger. Cramps sting just a little bit more. Even mood swings occur more often.
Red clover is proven to help combat the following PMS symptoms:
– Hot flashes
– Sore breasts
– Cramps
– Headaches
– Mood swings
Red clover also contains isoflavones that help provide essential nutrients to the body, including vitamin C, thiamine and potassium that help reduce PMS symptoms. It is thanks to the isoflavones that red clover can act as a natural hormone stimulant ideal for balancing the body’s hormone levels during menstruation.


There are many ways you can use and ingest red clover to reap the benefits of PMS symptom relief – teas, pill form, eating the blossoms fresh. But for immediate relief and the fastest results, nothing beats a good old fashioned tincture.
A tincture is basically a concentrated liquid form of an herb that is easy to make and easy to take. Tinctures preserve and concentrate the properties of the herb, making them more effective and longer lasting. Herbs that are decocted or tinctured are rendered into a liquid state and the body does not have to break down the cellulose of the plant material.
Also.. it’s boozy, which is just freaking fantastic sometimes. Talk about a good “shot” of medicine! Alcohol based tinctures have a shelf life of several years and are easy to use when needed.
To make this Red Clover Blossom Tincture, you will need the following supplies:
– A clean glass jar with a good lid
– Consumable alcohol like vodka or rum (80 proof)
– Dried red clover blossoms
1. Fill at least 1/4 of your jar with dried red clover blossoms. The dried blossoms from red clover pills or red clover tea bags work just fine. There is no hard and fast rule to how much herbs you need, just know that the more you fill the jar, the stronger it will be.
2. Pour boiling water to just dampen all of the herbs. This helps to draw out the beneficial properties of the herbs.
3. Fill the rest of the jar with alcohol, put the lid on the jar, and shake it like a Polaroid picture.
4. Store the jar in a cool and dry place, shaking daily, for at least three weeks and up to six months. Six weeks is ideal if crunchy moms on the Internet are to be trusted.
5. When your tincture is done, just strain the liquid through a cheesecloth. Store the tincture in colored dropper bottles or clean glass jars.
The standard adult dose is 1 teaspoon up to three times a day as needed.

So there you have it! So now it’s your time to share! What is your favorite remedy for PMS symptoms OR what is your favorite euphemism for your lady time? 😉 😉