Reducing Eyestrain with TV Backlighting Using the Energy Efficient Cyron Multicolored LED Lighting System

As many of you know, I have been on an energy efficient kick recently, and have blogged before about the environmental and economic benefits of using energy efficient lighting. As part of my ongoing blogging on this particular topic, I had reached out to Cyron to discuss trying out some of their energy efficient home lighting options to review and share with you all.
I have had the great pleasure of trying out the Energy Efficient Cyron Multicolored LED Lighting System with a Remote Controller that I added to my wall mounted TV in the hopes of reducing eyestrain and adding ambience lighting to the living room. While I had originally planned to focus on the energy efficient aspect of the lighting system, or even the wicked cool ambient lighting for gaming aspect, I realized the aspect I am just IN LOVE with is the reduced eyestrain!!
But before I go off on eyestrain, I simply MUST point out the benefits of using energy efficient LEDs:
– LEDs are five times more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs.
– Their long life practically eliminates the need for ever replacing them. A typical LED fixture will last 10,000 to 50,000 hours. An incandescent bulb normally lasts 2,000 hours.
– LED bulbs contain far less pollutants than traditional bulbs. LED bulbs do not contain mercury. Meanwhile, mercury contained in a single Compact Florescent Light (CFL) can contaminate up to 7,500 gallons of water!
– LEDs are safe low-voltage devices and produce very little heat. Most conventional bulbs operate at 400 degrees, while most LEDs run at slightly above room temperature. The results are eliminating electrical shocks, minimizing fire hazards, lowered air conditioning usage and further reduction of energy consumption.
– Unlike bulbs, florescent, or neon lights, LEDs are shock and vibration resistant. These durable light sources see little breakage and maximize your money spent.
– LEDs do not radiate UV rays. They can safely illuminate delicate artwork, paintings, textile and various other artifacts.


The Problem With Watching TV in the Dark / Why Install TV Backlighting

Many don’t realize it, but your TV on regular settings in a pitch black room is actually way too bright for your eyes. Your eyes adjust to the dark room around the TV, and not the TV itself. So when you are watching television in a dark room, your eyes have to constantly adjust to the different lighting. Every time the scenery on the screen changes or if the television show switches to a commercial, then there can be a BIG change in the light emitted from the screen quickly.
This constant changing level of light makes your eyes work extra hard, which results in eyestrain.
Eyestrain typically results in dry, tired eyes and occasionally headaches, but it can also be a contributing factor to the development of glaucoma.
Researchers from the Lighting Research Center, part of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, asked some volunteers to watch an hour of an action movie on a flat-screen TV. After testing and observation, the researchers discovered that there was less eyestrain, discomfort and visual fatigue when the volunteers watched the movie against a lighted wall versus in a darkened room. Those who watched TV in a darkened room had trouble focusing, experienced an increase in sleepiness, and a delayed response in brain waves when receiving visual cues.
Some symptoms that you are straining your eyes include:
– Watery and/or irritated eyes
– Burning eyes
– Headaches
– Blurred vision
– Sensitivity to light
– Sometimes your eyes can even feel tired and overworked


About the Cyron Multicolored LED Lighting System

So! Let me tell you a little more about the system I’m currently using on my TV!
The energy efficient multicolor accent lighting system by Cyron can be used in multiple ways in multiple locations. These lights are most commonly used as:
– Under cabinet lighting
– Children’s room night lights and décor light
– TV, computer and entertainment center backlighting
– Party and gaming light for music interaction of lights to the sounds.
The multicolor LED lighting system features four 9″ light bars with smart controller to creating thousands of colors. The system comes with 14 pre-programmed modes and offers 120° of light dispersion on adjustable mounting brackets for proper light dispersion. The system is easily expandable by adding more lights, and is fully compatible with all Cyron Media Highlighter PRO light bars (which come in 9, 15 and 24 inch sizes).
The Cyron Multicolored LED Lighting System is available at all Lowes locations nationwide (Click here to see Lowes supply of Cyron products) and on System upgrades and accessories, such as the Cyron Lighting System Wireless Remote Controller, are all available at under Products. (Click here to see the full product list at!)


My Thoughts on the Cyron Multicolored LED Lighting System

First off, my initial desire for TV backlighting was mostly to set some living room ambiance with multi-colored “TV bling”. I love, love, LOVE lighting and ambience. Lighting is one of the PRIMARY factors of setting mood and tone in interior decorating. It’s a simple solution to interior décor that is often overlooked.
These lights are high quality, durable, easy to install and provide a great visual effect. They add a flair and sense of professionalism to my simple “TV hanging above the entertainment center bench” set up, and subtly draw the eye to the entertainment center upon entering the room.
With all of the options available in this system, I have been daydreaming of playing video games in the dark with the lights fading in and out between colors (especially rhythm action games! DDR, anyone??), or of hosting parties with the system set to music / dance mode, flashing along in multicolored hues to the beat of the music. But since we installed these lights, I have been pleased with a solid, constant white or blue gently illuminating the TV – on and off!




While I am enamored of the solid, static color for ambiance and casual evening TV watching, I am looking forward to setting it onto red for video gaming / intense mood lighting.. or, ya know, for all night Walking Dead marathons. And I’m antsy for my first party so I can try out the party lighting. We set the lights to music mode, and the system was so sensitive to beats / noise that it was picking up our talking in the living room! I’m curious to see how it will operate in a loud, crowded, music filled living room.
But as for entertainment center lighting, these lights are bright enough to leave on all day long. They look great in daylight hours, and aren’t too bright or blinding for evening TV watching. Just ONE evening of watching TV with the family, and I already notice the lack of strain on my eyes!
If you are interested in backlighting your TV, I’d encourage you to check out this lighting system by Cyron! The product is energy efficient, the company offers sexy chic lighting options, and the health benefits in backlighting your TV all combine to make this a smart, efficient and visually stunning home upgrade!


Interested in adding backlighting to your TV? Like to give Cyron lighting systems a try? Share below!