Tower Falls and Roosevelt Lodge in Wyoming

I have a few (and by a few, I mean a bazillion) things on my bucket list. My bucket list items are usually very specific in nature, I’ll sit and daydream for hours on end about very unique situations and scenarios in my future travels, and then I must make them happen!
One of these idle bucket list daydreams is to sit on the rocking chairs of the Roosevelt Lodge porch in Yellowstone while sipping on a steaming mug of coffee and just watching the world go by for a lazy hour or two.
So here’s what ended up happened: It was way too hot to drink coffee, so I ordered an Old Fashioned Whiskey on the rocks instead. (Not a bad swap, I’d say.) Then my hubby and I snagged two rocking chairs, just in time to discover a VERY poopy diaper that soiled Tessa’s pants, the second she’d soiled that day so she had no clean pants to change into.
The poopy pants princess got super hyper after being liberated of her pants, so she ran around the porch like a mad woman, making my husband and I chase her around. Then Thyme starting crying so I had to bottle feed her. I got about 2 solid minutes of scenery gazing in, then my daughter eventually ended up kicking my drink over and spilling about a quarter of it.
So was my bucket list daydream fulfilled? No and yet, a resounding YES! Less coffee, less peace, less deep breaths, less idle rocking on the porch… but I had a blast with my family. My kids make me crazy in the best way possible. And my memories are all the richer knowing that I never know what going to happen next!
So, here’s my Wikipedia rundown! The Roosevelt Lodge sits near Tower Junction and Tower Falls in Yellowstone National Park. The Lodge was built in 1919 and was first conceived as a field laboratory for students and educators conducting research in the park. It later became a camp for tourists, specifically designed to accommodate automobile-borne tourists.
The Lodge was in named in commemoration of President Roosevelt’s 1903 visit to the Park, and was intended to give the ambience of a dude ranch.