I’m Pro Goat – Update on the Great Visalia Goat Battle of 2015!

I have been SO SO SO SO SO BUSY! You guys have no idea. So I’m going to give everyone a quick rundown and then I have to dash:
The local paper – The Visalia Times Delta – featured our story on the FRONT PAGE of the paper. You can read the article BY CLICKING HERE.
Since the article came out, between digital and physical signatures, we are up to over 1000 signatures on our petition in just SIX DAYS!
The Vice Mayor of the city agreed to come out and meet my goats mid-week, but then said he was busy till the weekend (after I have to have them off of our property.. grrrr!!) I’m still extending the invitation for the mayor and vice mayor and council members to come out and see the goats living conditions, the compost bin (and marvel at how there are no flies, and how it does NOT stink!) and so on, but so far none of them has taken me up on the offer.
It looks like we’re going to have a strong presence at the City Council meeting on Monday! Lots of folks are digging in and getting involved, and me, my husband and my new local friend Sara had a blast handing out “I’m Pro Goat” stickers to people at our local Farmers Market. Now I’m daydreaming up new goat slogans… “Goats Are Not A Crime”? “Year of the Goat 2015”? Haha!
ALSO! I have heard through the grapevine that there WILL be opposition speaking out at the meeting on Monday, so overall it should be a lively event! *insert Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme here*
I am feeling extremely confident that the council will agree to at least consider goats in the city and put it on the next months agenda. It would be the height of hypocrisy and abuse of leadership positions to vote otherwise, when the whole community is coming out in support and demanding it be fairly reviewed.
Getting it on next meetings agenda is step one. Once that goes through, then the REAL fight is on! (And boy do I have some wicked fun campaign ideas to launch in the community!)
There’s so much more to share, and so many funny little connections – for instance, the newspaper reporter who wrote the article above lives on my street and had never once heard the goats or knew they lived down the road. Also one of the gals helping me petition actually lives behind my house and we never realized it till just now.. and so on and so on.. small city, eh?!
Anyhoo, I’m off to contact cities that have legalized city goats to get some information and stats to share with the council.. wish me luck! There’s tons to do, and less time to do it in! <3

If you haven’t yet, consider signing the petition BY CLICKING HERE!