Meet Eos – Our Newest Nigerian Dwarf Goat!

Meet our newest furry friend, Eos! (We call her EO for short.)
Weird name, yes, I know, but we simply HAD to keep up the Captain EO theme in our barnyard. When Idee has her kids, we’re most likely going to keep one and name it Fuzzball. If you have ANY idea what I’m talking about, then you win at everything forever.
So why did we get another goat? Well I’m so glad you asked!
Idee was producing enough milk to keep my little family of three well supplied. But with the arrival of Thyme (who will eventually be tapping into the goat milk) and my burning desire to start making homemade goat cheese, yogurt and skin care products, we started thinking we MIGHT want to expand our little backyard herd.
Not to mention that Idee is about due for her annual “get knocked up so she can stay in milk” appointment. Speaking of, that’s actually where she is right now… at the farm we bought her from, knocking boots with some billy goat and makin’ me some babies.  She’s been there for over two weeks now, because apparently she isn’t putting out. (I feel dirty typing that. Haha.)
Initially, I’d planned to try and keep Idee in milk during her pregnancy, but now that EO is on the scene, I think I’ll let my momma goat rest up during her pregnancy and just rely on our new milker to meet our dairy needs over the summer. By late September / early October of this year we should be getting our VERY FIRST batch of baby goats from Idee!
I’m soooooo excited for the kids this fall, you have no idea. Seriously. YouTube search “baby goats”. Heart = melted from cuteness overload.


So anyway! Back to EO! She is a gorgeous little goat. She’s super tiny and moves like a wild deer. She’s FAR more athletic and active than my two lazy goats. While being crazy petite, she has a ridiculous sounding bleat that is comically hoarse and masculine.
Personality-wise, she’s very docile to the point of being skittish. We were initially afraid this might be a problem.. in fact, we were so worried she wouldn’t work out that I haven’t blogged about her till just now (we’ve had her about a month now).
When we first got her, I was two weeks to my due date, and training her for our milking routine was proving to be a bit problematic. The hubby and I were leaving our “return her to the goat farm / trade her in for another milker” options open. But things are slowly.. SLOWLY turning around.


As of right now, getting her on the leash and into the milking stall can be a pain some mornings. Some days she walks right up to us and act like we’re BFF’s, happily rubbing against my legs and nudging my hands and pockets for hidden treats. Other days, she runs around the pen frantically, acting like I’m trying to kill her. (Seriously, if you saw it, you’d think we beat her or something.)
Whats really sad (or funny, if you have a twisted sense of humor), is that when she’s in her, “Oh God, oh God, I’m going to die if they catch me” fits, Idee and Odee start chasing her right alongside me, head butting her and bullying her. It kind of puts a dent into my whole, “No one is trying to hurt you” coaxing routine when my goat posse thinks we’re playing “haze the new girl” in the barnyard.


Overall, EO is actually far more fond of my husband than she is of me.. which is funny, because with Idee it was the other way around! In the past couple of weeks my husband has actually learned to milk using her as practice!
While we’re still a bit nervous about her being nervous (does that make sense??), I’m thinking we’re eventually going to settle into a routine and EO will fit in great on our little urban homestead. She’s slowly warming up to the idea of being a lazy backyard goat who exists to be petted, loved, chased by children, and fed organic feed. (Man, must be hard!)


What do you think of our newest dairy goat? She’s a pretty one, yeah?!