It’s a GIRL!! Meet Thyme Moriah Freeman!

So I had been going on and on and on about how I wanted to have a boy this time around. So of course, it was fairly inevitable that we would be having another girl. I mean, you’ve heard the joke: If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans. I planned on a boy, and God said, NOPE! Nuh-uh! You are in for more tutus, more princess antics, more braids and pony-tails and baby dolls and a girly room with a bunk bed in your future!
While it’s not the scenario I’d pictured (my original plan was boy first, THEN a girl.. and instead I’m getting girl and girl, lol!), the thought of having two daughters is so wonderfully and perfectly US. I picture TWO baby girls kissing daddy on each cheek and my heart just melts. Two little girl voices shouting, “Daddy’s home!!” and flying into his arms… oh man. We are in for a future that is going to be nothing short of amazing! I have TWO little ladies! TWO little princesses! Tessa and Thyme! WOW.
While I said I was hoping for a boy this pregnancy, I kind of had an inkling all along that it would be a girl. For one thing, my pregnancies are super similar. My sense of smell is more keen with Thyme, and my morning sickness is not as bad. But other than that? They are pretty dang similar, even down to my food cravings. Ranch dip… mmmmmm….
And I just kind of KNEW. Just like how I KNEW Tessa was a girl. Two full weeks before doing the gender ultrasound scan with Tessa, I posted on my Facebook for International Women’s Day:
“Happy International Women’s Day… I’m looking forward to a day when ALL women – including those in the womb – are valued and cherished. It makes me sad to think my pro-choice and “pro-women” friends would be okay with my baby girl being murdered in my belly. She has rights too. I did not grant my baby her rights by simply “wanting her”. She was CREATED with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I look forward to the day when that simple fact truly is “self-evident”.”
I was so convinced I had a daughter in my belly, that I was throwing out her gender to the interwebs as a near certainty, much to the confusion of my friends, lol.
When we went to Peek A Baby in Fresno, CA for the gender scan with Tessa, within SECONDS, the ultrasound tech got a clear shot of Tessa flashing off her womanhood. While I was hoping for a boy, I KNEW my baby girl was in my belly and I was so excited to confirm what I knew all along. The shots we got of Tessa at Peek A Baby were some of the best we got of her through my whole pregnancy (and I got TONS when I was considered high risk.. we got ultrasounds every two to three weeks from 18 weeks on!)
We had such a great experience with Peek A Baby in Fresno, that we went back for the gender scan with Thyme. Not only did we have the same ultrasound tech, but she remembered us and was extremely welcoming. I shared our story with her, letting her know that while I strongly suspected girl, I was still hopeful for a boy. So of course Thyme was sitting in the worst possible position for a gender reveal. She kept wiggling around and teasing us with butt shots. At one point she actually put her hands over her naughty bits. Seriously, check it out:


Anyhoo, I was afraid we may have to come back at a later date, but the gals at Peek A Baby went above and beyond. They gave me an orange juice, let me walk around and use the restroom, and after chasing Tessa around a bit, I hoped back on the table to find Thyme in a slightly better position. After spending far more time than they really should have considering the package I purchased (absolutely no complaints here!) we got our perfect potty shot and confirmed my sneaky suspicions.. it’s a GIRL!!



Anyhoo. I highly recommend Peek A Baby. They are super friendly, the prices are unbeatable, the equipment is crazy high tech, and they have military discount. Super score.
SO! It’s official! Now I am the mommy of TWO little girls! I’m excited, even though I will be CRAZY NERVOUS trying for a boy with #3.. haha. But hey, it’s all in God’s hands, and only He knows whose mommy I am meant to be. So excited to meet my next little princess!


Gingi Freeman

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