Living in Financial Victory – By Following Biblical Principles of Stewardship

This is the second book by Dr. Tony Evans in The Kingdom Agenda Series that I have had the pleasure to review through Moody Publishing. I had never even heard of Dr. Evans before these reviews, but I am quickly becoming a fan!
I chose to review this book because one of my New Years Resolutions was to be more faithful in tithing and giving back to God. This is one of the areas that Jonathan and I struggle with the most as Christians. We want to learn – NOW – to cultivate a habit of giving back to God what is in all rights already His, so that we can demonstrate a spirit of servanthood and giving to our daughter from the very start.
I am not great with money. I am horrible with investing. And I am stingy and greedy when it comes to giving. And I know this needs to change. And fast.
I am a big fan of equipping ourselves to fight our battles, and arming ourselves to succeed in areas we struggle, so when given the choice of what books to review, this one seemed like a no-brainer!

About This Book

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A life of financial victory can be yours – by following biblical principles of stewardship.
“Stewardship? What’s that got to do with me?” you might ask.
Tony Evans explains that all we think we own really belongs to God. And when we think of “our” money that way, we can learn to be good stewards, or managers, of what has been entrusted to us.
Living in Financial Victory carefully lays out how we should approach the vital topic of money in the areas of:
Stewardship – Using what we have to further God’s kingdom agenda
Rewards – The blessings and benefits of doing it God’s way
Victory – Overcoming debt and being in financial bondage
Tony Evans will help you discover the answers to everyday financial issues by showing you that God has a purpose for your money. Take the journey through this concise and practical book.
Tony Evans is the founder and president of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry dedicated to restoring hope in personal lives, families, churches, and communities. Dr. Evans also serves as senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas. He is a bestselling author of numerous books, and his radio program, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, is heard on more than 500 stations every day.

My Thoughts On This Book

Living In Financial Victory is only about 103 pages long, and yet, in true modern day C.S. Lewis fashion, Dr. Evans manages to cover in just 103 pages what most take 400+ pages to articulate. He covers many profound topics in quick succession, and yet they all make sense and the topics all flow seamlessly together, painting a picture with little words – all grounded on Biblical precepts.
With a no nonsense attitude and teaching based on Scripture, Evans takes topics that Christians often muddle up and make complex, and strips them down to their simplest form.
Before picking up this book, I still felt weak and floundering when it came to giving. For instance, you guys know me and my deep passion for the pro-life movement. Saving those being led to the slaughter is one of the reasons my heart is beating on this planet. It’s my calling, my ministry, my purpose in life. And yet, when I get my monthly statement that money is being automatically withdrawn from my bank account to support the local pro-life chapter, (one that I willingly signed up for, of course) I wince every time. My inner Scrooge immediately starts picturing what that money could have bought me or my family.
I don’t know WHY I’m like this. It’s my personal struggle. And honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to open up and share with all of you, since it’s an issue that is so close to my heart. But I have decided to share, simply because this book is good medicine if your spirit also has what ails mine.
This book is a helpful tool for Christians serious about aligning their financial health with the blessings from the Word of God. Just pages in, this book got me really thinking about stewardship in my life and how I can live daily in such a way that I can hear the words,” Well done good and faithful servant” at the end of my days.
This book is staying on my shelf as I embark on our new journey at our first duty station in the Navy. Getting out of debt, and giving back to God and furthering His Kingdom is a priority in my life, and whenever I feel the tug of worldly possessions enticing me to keep what is not eternal, I will flip through this quick and easy read for a better perspective of “my” money.
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I would highly recommend this book, and if you have not yet had a chance to, do check out other books by Dr. Tony Evans!

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