Lockpicking Barbecues


My dad has some pretty random hobbies. Like blood spatter analysis, day long chess matches, hunting for broken power tools at swap meets and perhaps weirdest of all, public speaking. For fun. (I know, right?!)

One of his hobbies is lock picking. When we first moved into the apartment on the back of my parents property, we started having what have come to be known as, “Lockpicking Barbecues”. We barbecue, and we pick locks.



Or rather, the boys pick locks and I fiddle with them, get frustrated, and then start throwing flammable things into the firepit. It’s not that I don’t LIKE lockpicking. I’m just not any GOOD at it. I can pick the easiest knock-offs from China, but anything beyond that and I feel like a handicapped McGuyver.

That, and lockpicking requires a lot of focus and patience. Neither of which I have an overabundance of.

Anyway, we wanted to have one more Lockpicking BBQ before Jon leaves for the Navy (I know, I know, that’s been the theme for the past few weeks) so I made sure to grab some photos of the boys having fun with their toys. We invited the Buckleys over since Buck likes to indulge in random hobbies with my father too. I sniped this picture of them deeply focused on their toys. When us girls all commented on how serious miserable they look, they brightened up for us…



Anyhow, we’re leaving for a quick camping excursion to the Grand Canyon in Arizona today, so after keeping this blog up on a daily basis since I started it at the beginning of the month, I’m going to be AWOL for the weekend. Keep us in your travel prayers!

Gingi Freeman

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