Redmond Bath Salts – So Natural You Can Eat It!

Bath salts you can eat, say whaaaaaaaat?!?! Calm yourself, I’m not talking about the turn you into a face eating zombie Florida-variety bath salts. I’m talking about salts so natural, and so pure, that you can sprinkle some on your breakfast omelet and you’d be cranking up the health and nutrients of your morning routine.
(Funny story about bath salts though, one time I was browsing a touristy voodoo shop in New Orleans and saw a questionable ziplock baggie of bath salts behind the counter.. I made a comment to my sister about them being “bath salts” *wink wink nudge nudge* and the clerk just about lost it. She very loudly went off on how they don’t sell things like that in her shop and this salt was totally inedible. We just kind of slowly backed out of the store trying not to giggle. Anyway, I digress… back to the non-zombie bath salts!)

About Redmond Bath Salts

I have blogged before about Redmonds Real Salts and Healing Clays. Both are sourced from the same area, and Redmonds Bath Salts are the perfect holistic marriage between the two. This bath salt has TWO ingredients – Real Salt and Bentonite Clay. That’s it! And as always, Redmond uses no additives, chemicals or preservatives in their products.
Geologists state that Redmond Clay is volcanic ash that was deposited in sea water long ago, where it developed into a swelling-type sodium bentonite clay. Redmond Clay is extracted from the earth in the state of Utah, near the famous ancient sea bed salt mines where Real Salt is harvested. This clay deposit is one of the most unique clay deposits discovered so far, being rich in both calcium and sodium.
Real Salt has been mined for more than 30 years and according to geologists, the Real Salt deposit is likely the remnant of an ancient sea from the Jurassic Period. Over time, the salt that settled at the bottom of the sea was trapped within the Earth and then pushed up near the surface close to Redmond, Utah.
The salt deposit begins about 30 feet below the surface of the Earth, covered in a layer of bentonite clay, which has protected the deposit from erosion and from the possibility of modern contamination. (Most salt deposits have been exposed to environmental toxins, such as pollutants such as acid rain, toxic waste, sewage, garbage or radiation.)
The mining process of Real Salt currently takes place about 300 feet below the surface. So when all is said and done, all of the minerals in Redmond Bath Salt are naturally occurring! Most bath salts on the market today have oils and fragrances added to them. But as stated above.. Redmond Bath Salts is so natural, you can eat it!

Redmond Bath Salt is great for:

Soothing Stiff, Sore & Aching Muscles
Detoxification & Cleansing
Improving Circulation
Promoting Sound, Restful Sleep
Remineralizing the Body


My Thoughts On Redmond Bath Salts

My husband and I are HUGE detox bath fans. From Epsom Salts to Himalayan Sea Salt, to Green Tea to Ginger baths, we’ve tried it all. There are many different benefits to all the holistic bath options out there, but we have yet to try the unique blend that is Redmond Bath Salts.
Ever since we received our first sample of Real Salt, that is all we cook with these days. So soaking in a tub of this mineral rich goodness? Well, let’s just say that I was giddier than I should be. Haha. (You know you are a crunchy geek when..)
Due to the abundance of natural trace minerals in this bath salt, this is a great mixture to provide healing properties for the skin and body. Just like Himalayan salts, toxins are released from the body into the bath water through osmosis, while trace minerals from the sea salt are absorbed through the skin. Using 1/2 a cup of Redmond Bath Salt per bath can effectively draw out toxins and help remineralize the body.
The only thing that is different texture-wise with Redmond Bath Salts and other detox baths, is that the soak is a little murky colored due to the clay (it’s all good!) and it leaves some grit and a reddish sediment in the tub afterwards. But it all rinses away quite easily, and actually served as a good gentle abrasive for tub scrubbing, haha.
But the soak was relaxing, rejuvenating, and perfect for my break-from-the-baby time. It didn’t leave me feeling weak or sweaty like Epsom Salts sometimes do. Redmond Bath Salts are a gentle, but still highly effective bath soak.

If you are a bath salt nerd like us, you should really give this soak a try! Like all Redmond products, I highly recommend!



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    I believe this salt is amazing.. I can use the bath salts to get rid of stress, detox the body, better sleep, soothe aching joints and muscles, absorb important minerals.

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      Yeah… this salt is slowly taking over the world… 😉

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